Duckhams - An iconic history of outstanding engine protection

Alexander Duckham

Alexander Duckham was an English chemist and businessman who in 1899 founded Alexander Duckham & Co. He dedicated a lifetime to solving technological problems relating to lubrication.


The First Multigrade Q20W-50

In 1951 the decision was made that multigrade oil was the oil of the future. The famous Q20-50, with its distinctive green colour, could be used universally in all forms of transport and motorsport.

By 1967 Duckhams was regarded as the largest independent lubrication oil company in the UK.

Duckhams in Motorsport

This sparked an increased involvement in motorsport that was to cover Grand Prix support for Team Surtees, Team Lotus, Graham Hill, Embassy and Hesketh.

If you list the names of drivers who have had support in their early years, it reads like a Who’s Who: Damon Hill, David Coulthard, Eddie Irvine, Nigel Mansell, Martin Brundle and Ayrton Senna, to name just a few on four wheels. On two wheels, Paul Smart, John Cooper, Ray Pickerell, Dave Crockford.

And now outstanding protection for all modern cars

Duckhams lubrication and engine protection products are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest in oil additive technology that meet Original Equipment standards. Our Duckhams engine oils have full manufacturer certification from manufacturers including Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, VW, Ford and Jaguar. You can have real confidence in putting Duckhams Engine Oils in your customers’ engines.